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Corporates face multiple challenges related to employee hiring and productivity. We assist them in addressing these issues through our specially designed programs…

Corporates face multiple challenges in hiring right candidates as there is a short supply of employable resources. Our young graduates do not have the right skills, knowledge and attitude to succeed in a job. They need to be trained and handheld at the appropriate level so that they are “Job ready” when they join. Post joining, it’s a difficult task to manage handholding. We create “Job ready” resources for the corporates in BFSI sector.
Similarly, improving productivity of the existing employees is a big challenge. As per a study, people tend to forget more than 80% learning within a week’s time if not reinforced. Traditional L&D techniques have its own limitations. 2-3 days of classroom program have little impact on changing behaviour or improving productivity. Our unique model combines Classroom training with a longer engagement program ,where learning is reinforced and made a part of behaviour through “Micro Learning Units” and “Activity Led Tasks”. We handhold our trainees through learning cycle leading to productivity improvement.


Hire, Train & Deploy is one of the most popular & successful model for corporates in BFSI space. 

Here, we help corporates to identify talents for entry level positions and train them to make them ready for the identified jobs. 

We have executed projects for leading banks and insurance companies for their field force and customer service staff. We have ready programs for Banking Sales, Insurance Sales and Relationship Management. Our programs are customizable and can be administered through Classroom or Online channel.


Lateral hiring is another big issue for corporates. Due to our corporate pedigree, we have deep connects within the existing workforce, primarily in BFSI space. 

Our approach is to understand the requirement and then push forward the candidature of our candidates only if they meet the requirements, considering quality over quantity.


We help build productivity of Sales and Relationship Management staff through a unique blended model of Classroom and post Classroom engagement. We create a customized training solution which may extend up to 3 months. 

Our solution includes Assessment, Classroom training followed by digital reinforcement of learning through Micro Modules. Each concept is then linked to a Real life task to be done by the trainee in the normal course of job. 

Our mentors help and guide as required. The whole process is tech enabled and helps build productivity. 

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